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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I understand "things happen" in Life, but I for one take responsibility when they do. We are no longer misinformed enough to believe that we have nothing to do with it. Something in the way we think, speak, feel, eat, believe or listen that helps creates whatever that it is! Clearly we all want beautiful things in our lives, but there is nothing wrong in understanding that we don't always know what we must do in order to achieve those things. 
For me, it was inner peace! I could not get to that place! 
So I studied myself. 
I read, researched and learnt to discover where my problems lay and what needed to be done in order to get what I wanted and I worked at it!
 My body, mind, spirit, even my food intake were not getting me where I wanted to be, so I did what so many of us find challenging: I chose to change.
People who knew me for many years noticed, and many did not like the new me. Some wished I would go back to who I was! But this isn't their Life it is mine so why would I be the person they want me to be? 
I allowed myself to change and I achieved my Life long goal of inner Peace! Hurray for me!
I am not complete with it; NO! This is a Life long dedication! I know what I need in order to Live a Life I love to look at! And so do you!
If you are unhealthy, sad, angry, frustrated, depressed or just not happy: find out why and make the changes you need to make!

Luv and Light,