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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Keep The Lesson And Move On

Such a funny thing with humans, we like to know and feel that we are not alone. 

This is also why misery loves company

Most people want you to have problems because they have problems. This is comforting. And if your problems are bigger and more intense, GREAT! This makes them feel even better because now their problems don't seem so bad! So in reality it is simply the fear of feeling alone and wondering where you went wrong, so knowing that there are others makes some feel better.

Problems are situations and experiences that present themselves so that you may learn and grow. 
Remember NOT to get too wrapped up in them! Try to remain outside that circle of chaos, keeping your emotions in check so that you don't get entangled in that web. This will keep you calmer and more observant so that you may learn the lesson and keep moving forward.

If you wish to share your problems then do so, just don't drag people down when you do! Try to be cheerful and share positive energy as much as you can but do reach out to those who truly care and can give you some helpful advice. Just don't be the person who is always complaining about their problems, no one enjoys being around that energy except others who also always complain about their problems and that will keep you both stuck in a web of chaotic discomfort! 

So I say: keep the lesson and move on!