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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Open up that mind of yours! 
Let go of judgement, criticism and just absorb! People's opinions, expressions, visions are easier to digest when we listen and absorb open mindedly and not take it personally. The beliefs we have can sometimes keep us from growing and learning and as much as we are here to experience Life, a vital part of our experience is to never stop learning and growing so it is important to remain open and receptive.
There are endless options, endless possibilities, endless realities so if we shut some out we can be missing some key ingredients to our own happiness!
Doing something different from others, even just thinking differently can be a scary thing when you feel like you stand alone in those beliefs. However, if you follow the flock it better be because you are happy doing so and not because you are afraid of how you will be looked upon if you head in a different direction. Each one of us is doing our best to lead our lives the best we can, and sometimes your choosing to head in a different direction can be inspiring and helpful, so please don't be afraid! You will be helping those who desire the same but are afraid to be the first to do, say, think or head in that different direction.

Keep yourself open and receptive and carry Courage wherever you go!

Luv and Light,