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Friday, June 10, 2011

Tearing Down One Steel Wall At A Time

We each have our soft spots! 
For some of us it's difficult to reach because we have built walls of steel around that beautiful soft spot! 
I know we can sometimes choose to take Life too seriously because bad things happen to us and we become angry or fearful, so we build ourselves stronger to protect ourselves and we can easily get carried away with it and eventually turn ourselves into beings that are hard and unforgiving and forget that we are here to enjoy Life!
When I see someone who has these walls ( I can recognize them because I had once built a steel fortress of my own) I try to reach that soft spot. Sometimes a smile works, sometimes words, gestures or a hug works, other times I speak their language of steel so that they can understand that I can very well relate to them! 
Those of us who have worked or are working on our healing, can see others who are in need, or who are trying to do the same. The point of the matter is, to reach out! I am no better, no different than you! We are ONE! So we need to reach out, because we are all part of each other and when you're smiling it makes me smile and vice versa. 
We have a rippling effect that stems from within us and we need to become aware of that!

We each have our soft spot, remember that as you do your best to help yourself and others!
We all have our pains, but the power of forgiving and letting go is what we can help one another remember to do!

Life is here for you! It is here right now! Don't waste your time and energy feeling angry and bitter! 

Besides anger and bitterness isn't beautiful looking and we all want to look beautiful!
The next time you are speaking to someone, pay attention, most of the time they are reaching out for help and most of the time they don't even realize that!
Do your best to help your fellow humans! 

Help make the planet smile tearing down one steel wall at a time!