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Friday, June 3, 2011

This One Goes Out To All The Children!

I watch my gorgeous nephew (soon to be 1 year old) continuing to discover the world with beautiful curiosity and excitement and although that means eyes on him on all times, it amazes me to watch him! Everything is new! A fresh discovery! How beautiful! 

It reminds me how anything and everything IS possible! I see the beautiful love his parents and him exchange and it reminds me of what the word love means!
He is this small human learning simple things with extreme joy! So proud of himself for completing the simplest action! It is truly amazing to watch! What I love most about this little superman is the lessons he continues to teach us as we observe him.

This precious soul came at the same time we lost our business to a fire. What timing?! When we wanted to be sad, angry, even depressed - we couldn't be, because we had this angel with his enormous blue eyes reminding us that Life IS the most important thing! He kept us happy, and fulfilled as the days and months went on of having to deal with many unpleasant details! That in itself is is one of the many gifts this little guy brought with him from his magical place! And continues to share many, many more!

I know how blessed my family is to have such a great teacher come our way! He continuously shares his joy, laughter, and gorgeous energy with us wanting nothing in return! Not too long ago, I had gone through a rough 2 days and when I went to visit him he was extra attentive to me! Extra loving and affectionate! This guy is barely 1 year old and understood from my energy(I did not act sad at all when I saw him! I went in as I always do- a huge smile and massive affection for him- no different from any other visit) But he knew! He filled me with so much joy it evaporated any and all remaining negative emotions! He understood what I needed and he delivered PRONTO!!!

I believe children are much more in tuned with the world we all come from because they haven't been disconnected form it yet. They are still living in both worlds. The tangible one we call earth, and the magical one that most of us need to quiet down to reconnect with! They however, are still very much connected to it! A child's energy is so precious and powerful!
So today I thank all the children of the planet, all their gorgeous gifts of love and beautiful energy! For all the important lessons of Life they continuously teach us!

Thank you precious angels! Thank you Lewis! Zia Loves you!!!