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Monday, June 27, 2011

What You Think Of Me Is None Of My Business

The easier path is to follow the herd, be like the others, act and think like them. This makes being accepted by others much easier. But make sure it makes you feel truly happy and fulfills you completely.  
I now have an easier time not being afraid to be who I truly am even if it means being different. 

Accepting others for how they choose to be can also be very challenging especially when we expect them to act as we wish them to act! 
But I have understood that Life isn't meant to be this way. We are meant to be different from one another so that we may learn and grow from each other. We can continue to inspire and encourage others, but each one of us has our own experiences to live through, our own personal lessons to learn, and our own unique story to ride through. So please go easy on people! Remember that they are doing their best with the knowledge they have attained so far.

Change is great and I encourage it! Embrace the fact that you can change for the better and know that even if people don't approve of your changes it doesn't necessarily mean you're wrong
Do the best you can with what you know and keep learning and growing! And always keep this in mind: "what you think of me is none of my business!"