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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Captain, I want to....

On our journey through Life some of us can feel alone and confused, perhaps even scared. I know when my Life started to take massive turns I too felt this way. Until the day I remembered that we are creators and we have unlimited guidance and protection. Besides feeling safe again, I started to understand how I have to simply choose what I want and ALLOW the universe to help me ALLOW it into my reality. Knowing this has helped me a great deal in feeling safe and getting what I desire much more easily than me stressing to try to figure it out, or achieve it myself. Our CHOOSING is extremely important and ALLOWING the guidance and the help from the greater power that has helped bring us into creation is even more important! I now understand that Life loves and supports us when we love and support ourselves and those around us.
Imagine yourself riding along in a boat that has a captain. All you must do is point in the direction you wish to head in and that's it! Your captain will figure out how to get there. Your job is simply to enjoy the ride and re-adjust your requests when necessary. Try to be as clear and detailed as possible when placing your requests.
"I thank you great universe for assisting me in achieving my goals! I am so grateful now that I am (insert whatever you are desiring) always say it in present tense! Always in the present tense. There is no begging, no pleading, no bargaining! It is simply stating it as you want it to be!
Don't forget about your captain guiding your ship! Allow him to do the steering and remember to enjoy the ride!

Divine wisdom guides me. I am always guided in making the right choices. Divine intelligence continuously guides me in the realization of my dreams and goals. I am always safe and protected! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!