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Thursday, July 7, 2011

You Deserve More

Most of us, one time or another, pass through a time where we think our Life is over! Getting through such emotionally crushing events seems impossible! I know, I have been there more than once that's for sure! But Life has a way of getting itself back on track! The most important thing is to keep believing in yourself and know that there is much more for you just waiting for you to greet it!

When we are down, we create a circle of low energy around us and until we start to get back on our feet we must ride the wave of this negative, low energy and what it brings us. Knowing this helps gear me back up to a higher place inside myself!  I now know that Life isn't over because something got rattled in my reality. I now understand that it is part of my Life story and it is what I need for my personal growth! What it comes down to is how I feel and react. How we interpret Life and its experiences is what makes all the difference! Yes! A positive attitude and NOT feeling sorry for yourself is truly powerful!

For all of you who feel sad or depressed, I say this to you: Realise how beautiful and wonderful you are!  Understand that Life is still here for you waiting with gorgeous things for you! You must understand how deserving you are for true happiness! You DO deserve the best in your Life so never ever settle for anything less! 

I know what it is like to read positive words when you aren't feeling very positive, it's frustrating and makes you want to roll your eyes but it IS your escape route from that low energy believe me! When I couldn't shake of that depressed feeling I would start thinking angry thoughts! Yes! If you can not get into a positive state and that seems to hard to reach then get angry! The great quality of angry emotions is that it re-motivates you! You start moving and expressing yourself and that is a GREAT thing! So if you are feeling sad and depressed, start thinking of all the reasons why you don't deserve this and how you deserve so much better!

All our situations are different and each of us has our own stories and experiences but the bottom line is that we have all felt like shit at one point or another! Please take this advice because I do understand what it means to feel sad and depressed and believe me when I tell you, you get so much more out of 
Life once you choose to deserve more!

Be STRONG! Get moving again toward the magical things in Life that are waiting for you to greet them!