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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Don't Leave Your Garbage Floating Around!

Deep down in our pool of emotions we can find the reasons we are content or miserable.
Why we choose what we choose, why we are living as we live, all our decisions come from that pool of life lessons and experiences we have accumulated over the years.
It is important take a dive every now and again to see exactly what is in that pool of yours, what you need to leave swimming around in there and what needs to be removed. Clean it up constantly!
Your pool is constantly absorbing stuff and you need to make sure you're not leaving any garbage floating around! By constantly checking in with your pool of emotions you can better understand the reasons WHY you are as you are and do as you do! And with this knowledge you create for yourself a healthier, happier Life!!!
Don't get lazy when it comes to your pool of emotions, don't think it will clean itself up on it's own! Do the work! I promise it will be super beneficial!!!
Luv and Light,