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Monday, July 18, 2011

Expanding Our Beliefs

What do you want today? What would you like to see manifest? 
Would you like the time to pass quickly? Would you like it to slow down? Would you like the weather to be sunny and bright or would you rather it be rainy? Or are you working on attracting bigger desires?  A new home, job, partner? Maybe even bigger things like abundant, unlimited cash flow, wealth and riches? Perfect health, a new government, a private plane, boat or maybe even your own island?

The universe is always listening! Aware of it or not, it is listening at ALL times, taking into careful consideration ALL the things you say, but more importantly what your waves of energy are saying! How wonderful!
Imagine that you have a unlimited catalogue of endless, infinite items you can choose from! That's pretty much how the universe works. You can actually CHOOSE what you want to see and experience in your reality! For those of us who aren't aware of this and go about our day without putting in our requests, we will find that the things we desire most seem unsoundly out of reach! But I am here today to remind you that you must pay attention so that you may attract and bring into your reality ONLY the things you desire! What you say, how you say it IS a direct request to the universe. So if you are a fearful person, you will continue to find reasons to be fearful because that is what your energy and thoughts are telling the universe to bring to you! Don't blame the universe, it is ALWAYS delivering PRECIOUSLY what you have requested! Re-adjust your thoughts and that will shift your energy and VOILA! You can now better attract the things you desire! 

Know that everything you want, no matter how far fetched it may seem to you, can be brought into your reality, easily and effortlessly!

So I ask you again: what do you want? What would you like to manifest?