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Friday, July 15, 2011

Love Yourself And Allow Yourself To Make Mistakes

Do you have your emotions under control or do they control you?
An emotion I would like to focus on today is guilt.
Guilt is a very heavy emotion! It can eat away at you and worst off, guilt craves and attracts punishment!

Self punishment is possibly the worst thing you can do for yourself!
Forgiveness of yourself is very important! Remember that you did the best you could with the knowledge that you had at that time and today, you are doing your best with the knowledge you have now!
Go easy on yourself knowing that the past is over and done with and set your focus on today, in the present moment and encourage yourself to keep accelerating in your knowledge so that you may do and  feel better!

You know to choose better emotions other than self punishment and guilt!
These heavy emotions will only makes things worse for you! 
Love yourself and allow yourself to make mistakes!

Don't get stuck in one place, hanging on to thoughts and feelings that don't support you!
Would you continuously punish a child for something they did? Would you keep beating down on them with hurtful words of how they messed up and all the things they should have done instead?
I didn't think so! 
Now why would it be okay to treat yourself that way?

Please love yourself!