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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Thank You U2 Fans For Being So Wonderful

I was at the U2 concert on Saturday! My husband and I headed out early to take advantage of the gorgeous sunny day! We were so pleased to find 80 000 well behaved Montrealers & out of towners! What a gorgeous group of people. I have been to my share of concerts and this crowd was by far THE BEST I have ever been a part of! No pushing or shoving, all line ups ran super smoothly- even the bathroom line ups and everyone was courteous, patient and kind! This made the whole U2 360 experience that much better! And what a show! U2 always delivers but this was THE show! 

What an absolutely amazing show! The whole experience was AMAZING! Although Steve and I didn't take the metro, we took the car instead. We had a very easy time getting there as well as getting home! Everything about this gorgeous day was absolutely PERFECT! So I thank this city and its people! I thank the visitors who travelled to get here for helping create a gorgeous experience for us all!!! Thank you U2 fans for being so wonderful!