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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

To Your Health

The most important thing is that you feel good. No matter what you have in life, if you aren't happy and healthy than you are most likely not enjoying your life. Your health is a reflection of what is going on inside. When I lost my business to a fire last year, I was sick for 2 months. I understand my body shutting down and choosing to be sick, my thoughts were filled with anxiety, my heart and soul pained by stress. If this is what was going on inside of me, how could my body be healthy?
The truth is when we feel good it's because our lives are good. Learn to deal with your pains and hurts. Learn to let go of the past, and more importantly learn to accept and move on!
Old painful thoughts create aliments, not accepting change creates resistance, and the body reflects this.
Try to remind yourself that everything takes care of itself, in the end everything works out, so relax.

The next time you don't feel so hot, take a moment to check where your mind is, where your emotions are and I promise you, you will find your path toward health!

I release all fears and doubts. I now choose to free myself from all destructive fears and doubts. I accept myself and create peace in my mind and heart. I am loved and I am safe.
I love my body. I create peacefulness in my mind and my body reflects this peacefulness as perfect health.