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Monday, July 4, 2011

We Are Much More

I was telling my friend the other night how I remember as a child being able to see so many more stars in the summer night sky than I do now. All this building of concrete and lights has made our world in one way, a more comfortable place to live, yet in another way, has taken away the pure beauty Mother Nature has so lovingly blessed us with! 

When my husband and I take our trips up north, it brings me back to those wonderful childhood feelings! Looking up and gazing into that gorgeous star filled sky always making my many wishes! 
Stars have always been a reminder for me, a reminder that the Universe is magical! 
It keeps me wanting to dream! And I love that feeling! 

The silence is so powerful! Hearing the trees, the animals, the crackling lit fire, the beauty of tranquility! Waking in the morning to find the birds celebrating a new day, the trees dressed in their gorgeous colors standing tall and proud! Aah nature! Instant healing!

But I do not live up north. I do not have these surroundings where I am. So I travel frequently to that place, not by car but by sitting quietly and closing my eyes and instantly, there I am! 

My message to you today is this: it does not matter where you live. You have a magical, powerful gift and that is your soul! It can take you anywhere and you can do anything from that place within! 
You can go to that magical place at anytime, anywhere and in a few seconds you can fix, change, and alter things in your waking Life. 

See, most of us believe that what we physically do in this physical world is all that matters. This could not be further from the truth! Your power lives within you and you must access that power in order to fix, change or alter the things you believe are unchangeable!

We ARE powerful beings! You must remember!

And if the world you live in is the only reality you believe exists, just look up at the stars! There is NO HUMAN that created that and to me that is a very clear indication that WE ARE MUCH MUCH MORE than just physical!