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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

We Attract What We Are Feeling

If you know of anyone who practices meditation and yoga you can see they have a more relaxed energy. 

When we are calm, so is everything else around us.
We attract what we are feeling. 

When everything is calm, then it is easier to hear what we are supposed to do next, so that we may follow our true path in life. The guidance is there, it always has been. It's just that now it's too noisy around so we don't hear the answers. This is why almost all of us wake up between the hours of 2 and 5am for no apparent reason. We ask questions throughout the day. We contemplate our future and yet it is too noisy to hear the answers, so they come at the quietest time. The next time you wake up for no reason at 3:30 am, ask, "what is it that I need to know" whether you will remember the answer or not isn't important it will be in your sub conscious and that is perfect! 

Life is an experience and we have to relax about it. Life isn't tough, we make it tough with our choices and decisions! When you are as busy as we are today who has time to focus, to slow down?! 
Everything is moving so fast! We're rushing and rushing and rushing! It's easy to make mistakes when you're rushing when we are calmer we can see clearer and we tend to make better choices.
Where in the heck are we rushing to anyway? Why are we stressing?! 

To most people the word money would be the reason why. And I don't disagree. Job = money and money = job. I get it. But why are we freaking out about it? Seriously, people lived without ANY of what we have today. My parent's stories of what they had and how they lived to this day amazes me. They did it! My great grandparents had even less and yet they survived! So what's our worry? That we can't afford the new iPhone? Seriously. Do me a favor, when you are home, look around. Look at all the stuff you already have. Count in dollars and see how much you actually do have! We always want more and that's good, but not when we're not even looking at what we already have.

Let's appreciate the things we already have and let us make a conscious decision to slow down. Turn the television off, put the phone down. Just sit and breath! Be grateful for the abundant Life You Already Have! And remember We attract what we are feeling!