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Friday, August 12, 2011

Did You Prepare Your Energy

When you leave your house to start your day, I'm sure when you reach your door, you do a quick check, "do I have my keys, phone, wallet, glasses?" Right?
We all go through our check lists making sure we've got everything we need. But hold on! Did you prepare your energy?
This is the most important thing to prepare! To me, heading out unprepared is like leaving your home naked! Taking a few minutes in quiet to breathe and give thanks and somewhat visualize your day ahead and what you would like to experience in that day can equate to you having a great day or a not so great day, and too many of us leave it to chance. This is a personal choice, however, when you don't prepare your energy, you are heading into the world to share whatever unbalanced, untouched energy you have! Why I say unbalanced, is because when you don't prepare, or take anytime to adjust or align your energy, you are going out into the world with energy that can be harmful, low, negative, fearful or tense and no one enjoys being around that not even the person wearing it!
When we are open to seeing people for who they truly are, and we know who we are, the very first thing you start to see about them is their energy. Energy is loud, strong and is always truthful! For those of you who are saying to yourself that you do not see energy, well you do! When you see someone and you know something is wrong, you ask them if they are okay and they say everything is fine, but you know that something is wrong- that's you reading their energy! Although there are many levels and depths to energy, almost all of us can see the stronger ones on the surface. And the more time you focus on your own energy the more open you will be to seeing others deeper energy. If what I am saying here is too much for you to take in right now, that's okay. Set all that aside and focus on you and your own energy! Because you going into the world unprepared is what needs to be addressed.
You carry your energy everywhere! Your energy helps your car run better, lets the bus arrive right on time, makes your day and all its details flow in harmony with you! You must make sure you are vibrating positive or high vibrating energy so that you may flow along with the universal vibration and every single thing becomes much simpler, easier and clearer. You must prepare! Throwing yourself into the world unprepared effects every single detail! Please, please, please check in with yourself!
Energy is potent and powerful so please ask yourself, how am I feeling today? Say a few positive affirmations to lift up your energy, gratitude is a quick latter up! Tell yourself that today is a great day and pump up that energy even higher!
I watch my nephew who is 14 months read people's energy. Children, always see energy quickly! They know exactly what you are carrying! It is amazing to watch! If you are nervous, they get nervous, if you are calm, they are calm! Children just know this and we tend to forget as we grow up so I am here to remind you what you knew as a child! Remember the importance of your energy! If you keep yours in check, you are less likely to fall victim to someone else's enery!
So I ask you, "did you prepare your energy?"
If you are reading this and suddenly realize you haven't and want to, well you don't have to wait until tomorrow to prepare! Find a quiet spot, even sitting in your car or a park bench will do, anywhere where there is no chatter and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and start by saying thank you. List a few things you are grateful for, then affirm that today is a great day! That there is only good waiting for you! Affirm that you are now working in harmony with the universe and that you are listening at all times so that you may be guided to always make the better decisions.

I trust the process of Life! There is a rhythm and flow to Life and I am part of it. Life supports me and brings to me only good and positive experiences. I trust the process of Life to bring me my highest good!

Luv and Light,