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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hang On!

Always try your best to go with the flow of life. When a moment arises where you get caught up in frustration, anger or nervousness-like someone cutting you off when you're driving or standing in line somewhere; take a breath and acknowledge that it is a moment, only a second, and it is up to you to allow that second to carry on into your day. At any moment you have the power to help guide your day toward something better!

Hang in there! Don't get caught up in those downward spiral of emotions!

I understand how small irritations can lead to us saying, "oh, what a day! I can't wait for this day to be over!" Believe me, we have all been there! However, being aware in that moment when your day can begin to go sour, stops the endless downward spiral cycle and transforms your whole day!
When you look behind the curtain of good days and bad days, you will find your emotions sitting there, doing their best work for you. So whatever emotions you choose will be present there, working for you. So why not choose the emotions you wish to be sitting there doing their work for you?!

You are the only one who can set your emotions into play. I know it isn't always easy, but it surely isn't impossible!

You are responsible for the outcome of your day! Yes, at times you may be tested and tried but if you hang in there and make the proper adjustments within yourself, I promise you, you will come out a winner of your happy day! So hang in there!

Luv and Light,