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Friday, August 5, 2011

Happy Mind = Happy Body

Influences. Everywhere, all the time! Creating most of who were are today and who we choose to continue to be. Aside from all those endless influences, we have all sorts of different pressures very present in our daily lives. What this means is that we have to do work in order to figure out who we truly are and we must become conscious and constantly aware of what is influencing us. Basically if you aren't doing this work and awareness bit, then you are probably doing things in your life that you don't really want to do and some things you actually hate; and living a life catered to others. Like it or not, decisions that we make for ourselves wont always have everyone elses' stamp of approval. We mustn't let that stop us! It isn't always easy choosing to be ourselves. Sometimes we want to make certain decisions in our life and hesitate because of what others might think of us. But they don't live in our bodies, minds and souls, we are the ones who know what makes our engine run best!

You must choose the harder path, where we may be judged and talked about because in the end we must make sure we are as happy as we can possibly be! Being our true selves and living a life we enjoy creates better health in our bodies!

Being you is important for your health!

Happy mind = Happy body !