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Monday, August 22, 2011

Have You Installed Your Thought Check Program?

Creation begins with thought. Our thoughts really do create what we see and experience in our daily lives. Everything we see, feel, touch, smell, all the people, places and experiences come into our reality because of our thoughts. Like it or not, aware or unaware, this is the law of the universe and how things work around here. These rules apply to everyone. Basically, you are a creator and you are a creator of your own reality.
When you think about something over and over again, it begins to pop into your reality. This is why it is important to keep track of your thoughts. You do not want to create things you do not want, therefore watching your thinking, making sure you are thinking about things you do want to see in your reality must be your priority.
All the stuff we complain about- like it or not- we have helped bring forth into our reality. Positive thoughts helps create a positive reality. The same rules apply for negative thoughts. Thoughts are very powerful! Much more powerful than most of us realize! If a group of people get together and pray for some one's healing(they are all thinking similar thoughts) and most of the time a miracle happens and the person they are praying for gets better. The more time we spend thinking the same thought over and over again, the quicker that reality gets created! The more people thinking the same thought, the quicker and more powerful those thoughts come into reality.

Look within. Look at your thinking. What is it that you are creating? When you stop to listen to your thoughts, you have a better understanding as to why you are where you are in your life and why you experience what you are experiencing in your life.
If you want something different, you are going to have to change your thinking. I understand that it can seem overwhelming because we can sometimes have too many thoughts to keep track of, but as you begin the process of watching your thoughts, your thoughts will automatically slow down. This makes for a calmer, more peaceful mind, and makes it easier to see each thought unfold!
Once you begin watching your thoughts, it won't be long before it becomes habit and before you know it, it becomes a automatic process in your mind. Think of it as putting in a spell check tool in your computer. Once the program has been installed, there is no need for more work, the program requires us to simply press a button and for some computers the spell check is automatic as you type, same goes for our program of watching our thoughts. Our brains work like computers, once you put in a program - in this case its a thought check program- there is no need to keep re-installing it, it is always there for us to use!
Remember whatever has found its way into your computer(your mind) is there because you put it there, knowingly or not, aware or unaware, you put in that program! This means that you can delete or install something better! Something that works for you and not against you!

Keep track of what happens in that mind of yours! I'm not sure how you feel about it, but I know I want to keep creating great things in my reality, so I will keep my thought check program properly installed!

Luv and Light,