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Monday, August 8, 2011

The Road Of Positivity

Problems don't go away when you choose the road of positivity, but they become much easier to handle. Everyone has problems or as I like to refer to them, learning lessons. They present themselves for a reason and it is extremely important not to get too emotionally involved. I know this can seem impossible but believe me it isn't. This is why I stress the importance of keeping yourself balanced. When we are balanced we are calmer, and when we are calmer we can see clearly, and when we see clearer, we can deal better with almost any situation.

What seems like a life time ago, I was an emotional mess! And every learning lesson was like having a bomb go off! And the learning lessons kept coming! It seemed it got worse and worse as time went by! What I didn't realize back then was that I was helping to create those learning lessons! Yes! The very same lessons I constantly complained about kept coming back to me because my mind frame at the time was negative, negative with a little more of negative! Everything was fear based for me. Panic and nervousness my closest friends and stress driving me on my path of the complicated, cluttered negative road I had chosen! And when I dug deep enough, I found a pool of anger that had been boiling there for  too long!

Today I can happily say I am not on that same road and because I have chosen a different road, I now have a whole bunch of very different emotions following me! Much happier, more peaceful emotions! My pool of anger was drained out along with the fear, nervousness and stress. And although the life lessons are now fewer, there are still some that come along quietly. Only now I can see them for what they really are and I can step outside of my emotional cycle and really understand why it is there and what it is I need to learn from it. As I said, problems don't go away when you are on the path of positivity, but they get a whole lot easier to deal with! What would have crushed me yesterday, helps me grow today!

Thank you beautiful universe! It is wonderful to finally see things for what they are actually meant to be!

Change your perspective- change your world!