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Monday, August 1, 2011

Rocking It Out In My Life!

As a young girl I was amazed by Nancy Wilson from the legendary band Heart! Besides the amazing music they created, I loved watching her rock her guitar wearing her sexy booties and kicking her leg up! I love rock and roll and still do! I love all sorts of music and admire many different musicians. Why am I ranting on about this? Because I want you to understand something about people who follow or consider themselves spiritual as I consider myself. You can be YOU and be spiritual! Many people believe in order to be spiritual they must look, eat, talk in a certain way but I beg to differ!
I party but I meditate.
I drink but I eat healthy.
I do yoga but I eat Doritos.
I take time to visualise but I watch The Apprentice.
I love and live in simplicity but I love all my toy gadgets!
I love driving nice cars, but I walk in nature.
My point is I do regular things! I am no different from any other person but I am my own person.
Life is about balance! Love and enjoy EVERYTHING you do!

Being spiritual means taking care of yourself, being loving and respectful to nature and to others.
It is about leading a simple life inside and choosing HAPPINESS!
So for all of you who think all spiritual people eat tofu and wear Birkenstocks, guess again!

Rocking my Birkenstocks with Luv and Light!