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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sheep No More!

Inventors, creators and visionaries have helped create what we see in our world. Everything was once an idea, perhaps an idea that was said to be impossible by others besides the visionary of corse. In this life we must understand that if we can think it, we can create it. The in-between consists of belief and drive. What is a great idea to you, can be seen as a stupid idea to someone else. You must not let that trash your dream and leave you feeling hopeless! What counts is what you believe! You want to create something for yourself, for the world or for the universe, go for it! You wish to create a dream job for yourself, a dreamy relationship, a happy life, the tallest building in the world, a new planet? Whatever it is, if it resonates strongly within you, then follow it, believe in it and just do it!
People can inspire us but we must remember that they have their own beliefs and limitations and they do not have to be ours.
Remain solid in who you are, and choose to be a sheep no more! Be proud to be the magnificent creator that you are!

Now go build that dream you've been dreaming about your whole life!

Luv and Light,