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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Solutions And Addictions!

Awe solutions! Wonderful, beautiful solutions floating around, endlessly surrounding us! Sometimes camouflaged in the clearest of spaces, hidden only to the busiest of minds.

Too many of us refuse to see the simple solutions to our problems! We are blinded by the emotions attached to our problems, which is why it is clearer for someone uninvolved in a problem to be able to give great advice to help find a solution; hence why some therapy works so well!

I hear too many of us complain about things we can clearly change. Yet we get accustomed to complaining and we can forget there is a solution lurking somewhere right in front of our eyes! Can it be because we become so accustomed to complaining we form an addiction? Addictions aren't necessarily things like smoking, drugs or alcohol. We can be addicted to anger, frustration, or stress. We can become addicted to feeling a certain way. Many of us can become addicted to being negative and we aren't even aware of it until someone outside of ourselves points it out! Solutions come to those who have the willingness to see them. Willingness to better themselves and the life they lead.

Living a good life takes work. Living a great life takes more work and dedication. Not just going to work, but doing work on your insides is crucial to living a happy life! Everything you do, say, and feel gets send out into the universe and the other 7 million humans and every living thing on the planet feels it! Then guess what happens? What ever you send out that touched all those people and living things and particles comes right back to you! Oh yes it comes right back! Just like a huge boomerang! Knowing this gives me enough willingness to be a better person and share love and positivity and the willingness to search for solutions!

Remember that there is always a solution and try to step outside of our emotions so that you may see clearly, and acknowledge that sometimes the solution involves letting go of the stubbornness of wanting to be right, sometimes it involves saying no when it is difficult, sometimes it means taking a new directions and sometimes a simple compromise is all it takes.

We must also remember that what we give out comes back to us! Gossip and other poisons spread around quickly, love and compassion also spread around at the same speed. Problems, confusion and stress also spreads around at a fast pace, as does calming, soothing, happy energy. The choice is always ours to make, the solutions always our to take.

What are your addictions? How clearly do you see your solutions? What do you spread around? Have you ever tried stepping out of your emotions? Detaching even for just a few seconds?
What would happen if you did? Well, you won't know if you don't try right?

Here's to our solutions and addictions for they help us to better understand ourselves and keep life a learning experience!

Luv and Light,