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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

This way out!

One of the many great things about life is the endless options and choices we have available to us.

Do you feel stuck somewhere? As though this is it for you and you have to remain where you are, as you are? I know the feeling! In that moment life seem to stop. Like you've hit a wall and there is no way you can get over or around it. However my dear friend, I am here to remind you that right next to the wall you are so fixated on, is a path. A path that leads to many other paths, each leading in a different direction. And what is beautiful is that you don't have to choose which path to take, you just have to start walking again.
Your task is simply to acknowledge that there is a way out! That's it. As you begin to see that path, the huge wall that was blinding your vision and keeping you in a state of desperation and frustration, suddenly disappears and you start walking again! As I said the direction isn't your concern. Life is about taking one step at a time.
Calmly allowing your options to unfold as they come, and listening to your gut. Your gut has a keen sence of direction! It will never, ever fail you! That my friends is a guarantee!
Keep yourself focused on everything that is around you! When we feel like we've hit a wall, or fallen in a dark hole somewhere, it is very important that we see our way out because there always is one! Our emotions can keep us from looking and seeing all that is really there for us, ready to help us continue on our journey of life!
I hit a few walls in my life so far, some made of steel that seemed to go all the way around me, engulfing me! It took strength and courage and the willingness to want to better myself to see that gorgeous illuminated path of options! I am grateful that sometimes our desperation leads us to look in places we would have otherwise never considered. I found an amazing path, filled with so many options! I had found my way out! You can too!
There is always a way out!

Luv and Light,