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Friday, August 19, 2011

Today's Word Boys And Girls Is: Attention!

Everything needs your full attention all of the time!
I see it everyday. People don't pay enough attention to things then wonder why this and that happens?!
Whatever is in your reality today that bothers you, keeps you feeling down, out of control, or keeps you stressed, ill or unhappy, stems from somewhere. It doesn't just happen. It is a result, or an effect of something past. In order to change it, you must find its source. If a plant is sick, it is the root or soil that needs attention. You must go to the root of your issue and pay closer attention!

There is always a way to better your life and all of its continuity! Believe me it's true! It will however, need your attention and some focus. 

As soon as you choose to better your life, your life will start moving in a different direction.  Change will  be standing tall the whole way through and you will remember how much you love change!

Routines come around as we settle more in life. When we settle, we accept things because we believe we can't get any better. We accept what's "good enough" and we carry on. Maybe even 80% happy. But we stop there. 100% happy is impossible?

Look around you. Do you like what you see? Because what you see outside of yourself is what is inside of you. Life gives us the opportunity to always see what's happening within us, so that we can keep ourselves aligned. 

From this moment on you must pay more attention to the details of your outer world and see which root its reflected from.

Hurry up because Life is waiting for you!