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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Your Beautiful Brain!

The brain is where it all begins. It is our mother board of function. A healthy brain is important to our well being, everything is stored there. And it is from there that our messages are sent out to our body. Keeping our brains stimulated and challenged keeps us far away from illnesses like depression or dementia.
As a society we have gained many different tools to make our lives easier, yet in that process some of us can become lazy. The last thing we want for ourselves is a lazy mind or a lazy body and worse, a lazy soul! The inventions in today's world are to be admired and I look forward to the new inventions to come our way, however this means it can become more difficult for us to remain active both physically and mentally. It is really up to us to keep ourselves functioning well! Physical activity is vital for us every single day! Mental activity is also vital every single day! So what can we do to keep our brains healthy? Well, we can read, do crossword puzzles, paint, draw, write. We can garden, walk, weight train, do yoga. We can play board games,ride a bike, play a musical instrument. There is plenty that we can do and choosing to so will increase the growth of the nerve cells in our brain and will also increase the nerve cell connections and circuits! Basically your brain will keep growing and function better and better: it does not matter how old you are! The brain does not know the difference because if continued to be stimulated and challenged, not only does it keep functioning properly but as I just said, it gets better and better! And we all know the importance of a healthy brain so keep it working! As I had read in a book, their motto about the brain is: use it or lose it!
All aspects of ourselves need constant attention, work, and dedication. You must choose to keep your self active, stimulated and challenged both physically and mentally! Maybe tonight when you choose to plop yourself on the couch to watch some television you can grab a book instead!?
Make smart choices for yourself because no one can choose to do this for you!

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