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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Constantly Cleanse Yourself!

Yes! Constantly cleanse yourself!

Showers and washing your hands aren't only for hygiene purposes but for spiritual cleansing! As we go through our days, we can pick up energies and toxins from others. Not everyone realises that the anger or frustration that they haven't let go of and dealt with can get spread to others! You know this! Example, your boss, life partner, friend or child is a bad mood...can you honestly say that it does not effect you in anyway? What about the angry driver that cuts you off, or the frustrated lady waiting behind you in the check out line? Or the family member(s) who will never admit how jealous they are of you but you can feel it?! These obviously have their effects on us!
It is very important that we cleanse and rid ourselves of the toxic energies we may absorb. And sometimes just washing your hands while mentally saying, "I now cleanse and clear away any toxic energy I may have absorbed" will do the trick. While in the shower, you can say the same thing and see all the old washing away and now you have no longer any old stuff stuck to you! It is a new fresh, clean moment!

For those who don't cleanse their energy, please do.
For those who don't deal with their issues and problems, please do.
And for those who spread anger, jealousy, and venom, please stay away from me!

Cleanse! Cleanse! Cleanse!

Luv and Light,