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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I Am In Harmony With Life's Beautiful Flow

Everything in our life works in harmony with how we think and feel. Our successes, relationships, conversations, even our brief encounters are all a reflection of our thoughts, emotions and requests. We set a standard and the pace in our lives- knowingly or unknowingly- and then everything around us presents itself accordingly.
We are not victims of life, life doesn't just happen to us, we help create every single aspect present in our lives and those which are still to come. Sometimes it is to help us better understand something, sometimes it is to fulfill a desire we have requested, and sometimes it is to help push us out of where we are in order to get to where we want to go.

I repeat the importance of letting go of the past, because until we do, not only do we remain stuck in that moment, but life will keep repeating itself to a similar situation of priciously that moment you are stuck in, until you finally decide to let go and choose something new for yourself to experience.
Some of us believe we do not have any power over what we experience and how we experience it but it is the complete opposite! You hold more power than you realize. I understand that we are not all ready to admit or understand these bold statements about life. After all we each have our own beliefs and understanding of how life works. But I know from my own experience of leaving myself stuck in a moment how much transition occurs when we finally free ourselves of old past hurts and beliefs. My life got better when I decided to no longer remain a victim of my past experiences, when I allowed myself to change and when I finally decided to forgive myself and others. Knowing that what ever happened were experiences I needed in order to grow. I now understand the influence my thought, beliefs and actions have on the reality I am surrounded by. Today my life is very different from the girl who felt sorry for herself and was able to cry herself to sleep.
Today I understand very well that life works in harmony with me! I understand how I help create what I do want present in my life and this drives me to live a life more aware and awake! Always in harmony with life's flow!

Luv and Light,