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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I Want Out Of My Tiny Reality!

Okay so this picture is a little extreme, but it difinetly makes a statement right?
We all exit this world one day and the truth is we are here now and we don't really know how long our time is on this planet so why not live life to the fullest? Why not push ourselves out of our comfort zones and push ourselves to experience more of what life has to offer us?

I get it, you feel safe in your little box of reality, but in our safety we are kept from truth, chance, adventure and expansion... is it really worth keeping ourselves locked up in there?
I used to love my little box so I can very well relate to those of you who choose to remain cooped up in your tiny boxes. Yet when I pried out of my box life got better, more interesting and more fun. Once I stepped outside, I welcomed a whole new world, a whole new reality and I have not gone back in since!Perhaps it is time you do the same?

I know the familiar seems so comforting, the routine makes sence and the habits, well they have their name for good reason!
It seems we like to be comfortable in our lives but does comfortable mean settling? Does it mean we remain afraid of any kind or every kind of change?
I have learnt that change is good and change happens for a reason. Embrace change! Know that it presents itself for good reason! Never fear it!
Your life is one and it is now! There is plenty for you to do and experience!

What are you going to choose for yourself? What are you going to do about your comfort zone? And if you live in a tiny box, are you going to stay in there or do you have the courage to step out?

I made my decision years ago and I couldn't be happier!

Luv and Light,