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Friday, September 9, 2011

Learn From Dogs?!

There are many things we can learn from nature. If we pay attention it teaches us plenty about life.
Take a look at dogs and how they live in the moment. A dog is trainable because they do not hang on to the past. They live moment by moment and we can learn a lot from that! 
I believe humans best and worst gift is the gift of memory. It is great when we remember the joyous experiences we have lived through and great when can let go of the memories that help create negative emotions within us. Yet most of us get stuck keeping our bad memories because we've gotten hurt or scared and so those memories remain alive within us. We feel the same emotions time and time again when our minds go back to those experiences! We must learn to let go because that experience has already passed! It no longer exists but because our thought and emotion linked to it are so strong, we keep it alive! So please do your best to let it go!
If a friend that is dear to you is going through a tough time, I'm sure you would try to help them right? Perhaps you would listen to them and tell them encouraging words. Remind them that although it was a sad or unfortunate experience, it is over and they should focus on better things and look forward into the future. Well you need to do that for yourself and help yourself get over the past and keep moving forward knowing that the present and future hold new and bright things!
The past remains vivid in your life only if you allow it to!

Love yourself and allow yourself to keep moving forward! You deserve happiness! You deserve to be happy and free of the past!

Luv and Light,