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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mind Fixation

We bury ourselves in our thoughts. We get up there and never come out! Why? Why do some of us choose to do this? We can not seem to step out of our minds and into the rest of ourselves?! There is so much more to us, so why so much focus solely on the mind? What about more focus on our emotions or feelings, taste, smells and sight? Why this fixation on the mind?! What happened to listening to our gut, or following our heart?
Our mind fixation shuts the door to knowing and understanding ourselves better! And worst of all, when we become fixated, we believe what we're fixated on and this becomes our reality! Keeping us from seeing that there are always other choices available! We don't see the rest because of our mind fixation, we believe only what is present within our mind right now!

It is vital for our well being to remain open and let go of our mind fixation for it can truly create a limited, chaotic life if we do not become conscious of it!
I have said it so many times and I will say it again, what you believe comes true for you! The more fixated you are on something the quicker you create it!
So what are you fixated on? What reality have you painted in your mind? Do you understand that there is plenty more you can choose to make real in your life?! Do you understand there are goals you can achieve but hold yourself away from those goals because you believe they can not become true for you?!

Get yourself out of your mind and into the rest of you! Quit choosing to be a victim of mind control and learn to explore what making a decision based solely on how you feel feels like! Learn to set aside locical thinking once in a while and go with your gut! I know in a rational world we find this to be very difficult, perhaps irresponsible to use our gut instead of our minds, but we do not live in a logical, rational world, we believe we do but this couldn't be farther from the truth!

The universe you are living in right now works on vibration, sensation, and energy. That's why when you are fixated on something you hold a strong vibration to it, creating what you are thinking about! But remember that the universe has an abundance catalogue you can shop from so stop choosing the mini reality you have settled for and go get the stuff you really want!!!

Life has too much to offer for us to settle for the tiny reality we create for ourselves!

Luv & Light,