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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

No More Shoulds!

Each of us is different!
Society and the communities we are linked to influence how we should live, what we should wear, how we should act, how we should speak, where we should work, when we should settle in a relationship, when we should have children... the list goes on and on and it can be exhausting keeping up!
Good morals, manners and respect these groups teach us are very important to keep with us- well, in my opinion the guilt free ones anyway - but I say embrace who you are! Forget others expectations and opinions, obviously if you are harming yourself or others in any way, then I say listen to those who are trying to help you and choose a better way to live. But if you are a good person, respectful and caring but you do, speak and act differently from the others, and you are happy, then forget them and their opinions. I know this can be challenging, being part of the herd may be easier, but it suppresses who you are and that isn't good for you!

Be proud that you are unique! That your ambitions and goals are different from everyone else's and that you see life with different eyes! Honor your individuality because this is what makes our world interesting! If we all look and act the same, well we would be bored! Life would be boring!
Your life is your life and their life is their life so let go of all the shoulds and replace it with the word could.
Could means you can if you want to while should is more of an obligation with guilt attached to it! So the next time you hear yourself thinking or saying, "I should......." replace it with "I could......." and see what happens.

Today I am saying No More Shoulds!

Luv and Light,