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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Try Your Hardest!

It can be a real challenge to set aside opinions of others. Most of us know what is socially accepted in our society. For those of us who go against this or witness others who go against this form, seem to accept the fact that judgement is inevitable.
But what if we were to try not to judge and simply allow this person(s) to experience what ever it is that is meaningful to them. We each have our lessons to learn, each our experiences to grow from. Besides, we can only share some advice and guidance, the rest is for them to choose how to live. Let's try to accept the reality that we are all different, and no matter how much we want something, we must accept that whatever is being played out is for a reason.

Let's try not to judge and critisise but try to see the good in that person-no matter how small the amount of good there may be, everyone, I mean everyone has some inside them.
I know it isn't always the easiest task to see that tiny bit of light in them, but it is our duty from one human to the other to see not only the bad in someone. Besides, the more you focus on that good, the more of it will shine.

It can be challenging to be good in this world. Believe me, I consider myself to be a very good person and I have had my moments of no longer wanting to be this way after I had one too many foot steps run over my heart. But then I remember that I am good because it makes me feel good! Being good feels good! So I try my hardest to be a person who loves unconditionally, forgives, doesn't judge or criticize and allows others to be as they want to be all the while seeing the bright light, no matter how tiny, inside of them.

As I said I try. This doesn't mean I always succeed. But I can honestly say I try, so that means I am doing my best and that is the best I can do right now! And that is what I am asking of you fellow humans; try your hardest!

Luv and Light,