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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Will YOUR GAURDS Let You Out?

Scary thoughts: plenty available free of charge right now!

If you have a hard time creating your own, you can absorb many from your outer world!
Begin by watching the news, great one to instill permanent fear that you can carry with you everyday! And the news can be heard and watched any time of day or night! Don't worry if you don't listen or watch the news, I promise you, someone you will speak to will fill you in with at least one horrific story!
If that isn't enough fear for you, speak to a negative, fearful person! They are sure to get you to think thoughts that you haven't even considered! Tell them about a life long dream you have, or what you really wish to do with your life! This will help you jump on the fast train of fear! A ride guaranteed to keep you scared! If you desire yet more fear, watch a scary movie and believe everything you see, or run through all your bills and payment that are due or better yet overdue! Many, many, MANY people have fear directly linked to money!!! This is a good fearful one for most!!!

Fear is truly a prison we can blindly lock ourselves into! I know, I was an inmate for many years! I am no longer in that prison today! I let myself out years ago! Yes! That's right! I freed myself! And you can too!

There are many things that surround us that we need to be aware of! When you are aware and present in what you are exposed to, what you are absorbing and how you are reacting, you can better choose good things for yourself! Things that keep you feeling positive and that help you prosper!

Remember that whatever emotion you attach to an experience will blend together and create a result/reality for you! What this means: if you carry fear with you as you take a seat in the metro, that crazy guy; yeah, he's going to sit right next to you! If you carry fear as you think about your finances, you'll get a surprise payment you didn't plan to have to pay!

Bottom line is, what ever you carry inside of yourself helps create realities for you! Know that with this, there is no difference of good or bad! It's like the universe sees only your energy toward something. This is why it is easier for many to attract negative things, because negative emotions are a lot easier for most people to create, where as positive emotions are more challenging because of their beliefs!

Let yourself out of the prison of fear! Or is your belief that you can't, afraid your guards won't let you out? Ironic, that's yet another fearful thought!

Think about it!

Luv and Light,