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Friday, September 16, 2011

You Have To Believe It To See It!

You are on your way somewhere, headed out in a rush with your anxiety neatly packed!?
Where are your thoughts as you travel your way to your destination?

I know we aren't alone on this journey of life, and that we are supplied with endless helpful angels always ready to assist us, simply waiting for our instructions and requests.
What does this mean? The next time you head out somewhere, anywhere. Be it work, a concert, a meeting, dinner, a party, a vacation, the gym, a walk, prepare and pack up what you need, which to me means packing up my high energy of love and success, easy travels and perfect parking spaces.
Send love where you are headed, ask the angels to prepare what you wish to find at your destination; love, peacefulness, success, laughter, happiness, joy, good food, plentiful good energy, happy people... Whatever you want you must help create by filling in your requests with intention and assertion!
Life brings to you what you want, with what you set forth. So do not head out without intention! Do not leave it to someone else's intention because you never know what you will find. Set instead your own intentions and desires, use your own angels and walk into what you want to find!
You are the only person in your universe. Each of us has a blank canvas ready to be filled with what we want to see in it!
Because your eyes see what they see, you believe it exists, but believe me when I say that you can create what isn't there yet!
You can create what you want to see and experience!

You don't have to see it to believe it! You have to believe it to see it!

Luv and Light,