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Friday, September 30, 2011

Your Thoughts = Tools Of Creation!

When situations seem impossible to change, put your focus on how you are thinking, what you are feeding the situation. Everything begins with us.
Something is not working out how you'd like it to, then check in with your thoughts, and begin to shift them! You hold more power than you know! Your thoughts are so powerful! They are tools of creation!

Knowingly or not, we always influence how things flow in our lives!
A stressed out mind will create stressful scenarios, while a quiet, peaceful mind will create more peaceful experiences. The important thing- besides trying to stay positive and peaceful- is knowing that you can shift & change at any moment. Nothing is permanent, and all is ever changing, so use your awareness to create more of what you want to see present in your life!
Know that there is always a choice! No matter how tight or strenuous a situation may appear to be, always remember that your thinking is most definetly effecting that very situation.

With our thoughts we create feelings. With those feelings we create a vibration/energy. That vibration/energy goes out into the world and like little painters, a picture that reflects those same vibrations/energies begin to be painted! Not because we are being punished, but rather it is fulfilling our request! Yes, when you think and feel you are literally saying, " I want this please!" and boom, you find yourself sitting in your painting!

The quicker you understand just how powerful your thoughts are and that they are undoubtably tools of creation the quicker you can paint a picture you love being a part of!

Now what requests are you sending out? What have you been painting so far? You don't like it? So shift your thoughts! Life's rules are very simple, it is our negative thinking that makes it complicated!

Luv and Light,