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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Confidence Is A Gorgeous Quality!

Inspiration, loving words, kind actions, sweet intentions; all qualities that are a joy to feel! It feels wonderful when someone can make us feel this way! It feels even more wonderful when we can do this for ourselves!
Loving ourselves and inspiring ourselves does not have to be about feeding the ego or vanity. It is very important especially because it keep us from needing love and affection from others. When we love ourselves and have a great loving relationship with ourselves, we can truly enjoy other people without being needy around them. We do not need our partners and friends to remind us that we are wonderful. We don't have to say things like, "do you really love me"? Or "do you think I'm attractive"?
Self confidence, self love and self worth are solid qualities that make for a strong foundation in a person and help fulfill all the emptiness one can feel.

This is especially important to teach our children! We need to set examples, and if they hear us talking down to ourselves, witnessing feelings of insecurity and unworthiness what kind of a message are we sending them? We must become what inspires us! We must carry the qualities we admire! We each represent ourselves, so what are you telling the world? How are you representing yourself.

Do not wait for someone to tell you how wonderful you are! Know it! Feel it! Live it! Show it!

Confidence is a gorgeous quality!

Luv and Light,