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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

An Extention Of Love

Our dark side. Yes, we all have one. Keep in mind we also have a good side. Yes, we all have one of those too! Negative thinking/positive thinking, each of us chooses which to use. We can switch back and forth. We can stick to the side we prefer. Point is, each one of us has the choice to be good, bad, positive or negative right? What we choose is solely up to us!

When you find it difficult to let go of anger, past hurt(s), stresses, frustrations and pains please ask for help! If you could only know how much help is readily avaiable to you each second of each day you are breathing, you would never, ever again choose to stay in any negative state because all you have to do is ask for help!
Mentally ask and it will be given! There are great ascended masters, teachers, guides, angelics, saints, divas, and fairies that your human eyes can not always see, ready and waiting to assist you! There is great love and light waiting to fill you up to the point that you feel light on your feet! A great extention of love awaits you and will not let itself in on it's own! You must allow it in!

Focusing on negativity will bring to you more negativity! Focusing on love and positivity will bring you more love and positivity! I remember my driving teacher telling me, "keep your eyes moving all the time, checking all your mirrors. Don't focus on one spot too long because that's where you'll end up"! That stuck with me throughout the years. Not only did it make me an attentive, good driver but I realized that life works the very same way! If I focused on a certain event or emotion too long I would end up there. Then I get stuck and have a hard time coming out of it. So now I keep my eyes moving and myself moving forward not staring too long in one direction-unless of course it is a really good place about visualizing greatness for the present and future!

So please people, become aware of what side you are choosing from, realize the immense help this gorgeous, ever giving universe provides for you and keep your eyes from getting fixated on anything other than joyous, powerful, loving thoughts!

Luv and Light,