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Friday, October 14, 2011

Funny Friday?

I love this little cartoon, LOL! It's funny! Yet the sad thruth is, too many people are on antidepressants! This makes me very sad. For those I know personally who take them, are very fortunate people with too much to be grateful for, to even consider being deppressed! 
They have their vision, they have their speech, they have all their limbs, they can walk, move, and breath, read, write and type. 
They each have homes filled with plenty of everything including electricity, running water both hot and cold, they have endless gadgets, televisions, computers, and phones.
They have friends, family, jobs, clothes, cars, fridges and cupboards filled with food, they have plenty of clothes and shoes, they live in a peaceful, abundant, beautiful war-free country
While not too far away, there are people living in places where disease and lack of medical anything are very much real, with war happening right outside what used to be their front door, where there is no running water and children die from starvation!!!!!!!!!!! 
How would we explain to those people living that reality of pain and suffering that some people who have all this abundance are on antidepressants?  What in the world would they say if we were to tell them that?  I am not trying to be insensitive to anyones feelings or problems, but the reality is there is much to be grateful for
I know we each have our own issues and excuses- oops I mean reasons- for being depressed but because I too was once depressed, I too had many issues and problems, and I learned how to overcome them without medication! I am proof anyone can do it!
My parents and grandparents survied war, famine and destruction and they never took any medications, they survived and tried their best to make it and they did! 

Depression is a state of mind and you can change that state at any time! You hold that power not a pill! You can do so much more for yourself than that pill can ever do! You think you can not get there on your own but you are very much mistaken!

Being happy takes work. Being depressed is much easier. Oh I know, all who are depressed would quickly disagree, old me would have disagreed too- trust me, having been there, I really do understand. 

There is always two ways to look at something and it is the very same with life! 
You can look at the bad, the hurtful, the pain,  or you can focus on the complete opposite, the happy, the good, the joy!

You see when we feel depressed it is becuase we have become focused soley on the bad for too long and it becomes very difficult to look at the good. It is much easier to continue being depessed then to force ourselves to look in the opposite direction, at the good. 

When we become depressed, we continue to attract more experiences that keep us depressed and we attract people who are depressed like us, until finally we have created a world too depressing to live.

A bunch of negative thoughts and fellings grows very quickly when meshed togeather. Over exposure to negativity leads to depression

A bunch of happy thoughts and feelings grows very quickly when meshed togeather. Over exposure to happiness leads to pure bliss!

Remember depression is a state of mind, so switch your focus. Listen to your negative speech and change it! You must choose to be happy and you must do everything you can to begin focusing on the happy! Being grateful for what you have will help, exercising will help, watching, reading and listening to happy, funny things will help! Meditation and yoga will absolutely 100% help! There are plenty of things you can do to get out of your victim suit of dark depressed reality and into a brighter, happier place without moving away or popping a pill! There is so much you can do so please do everything you possibly can to shift!

Otherwise, the monsters will eat you! LOL!

Remember your power, begin reenforcing that power and shift to a happier place!

Luv and Light,