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Monday, October 17, 2011

How Will I Feel Afterward?

As the days get cooler here in Montreal, the urge to go out for a walk/run gets less and less and the urge to stay in gets greater. This is where self motivation needs to come into effect! We need to push ourselves a little harder! Getting daily exercise isn't just for keeping your butt looking great! Exercise is great for circulation and this can help keep us warmer during the cooler seasons! It is also extremely good for your brain, flexibility, skin, hair, nails, lungs, muscles, nerves, and gets rid of aches and pains!
The benefits are endless but the decipline to get us moving must come from us! There is no one who is going to come to you each day and say, "Come on! Let's go! You are going to feel amazing once your done!"
It would be nice to have someone else tell us things like this and get us motivated each day, but this is not the case!
In life we must be our own motivator! Tell yourself the same words a personal trainer/motivator would tell you! You have an inner dialogue going on; one side makes excuses, justifies them and keeps you lazy, while the other side wants you to get moving and tries to encourage you! This is where your choice is important, because choosing the lazier side will undoubtably lead to feelings of guilt and punishment which makes for toxic, punishing inner dialogue and that is very unhealthy!

Make your decisions on how you will feel afterward! Just like any other decisions, we usually go with how we feel at the moment, not putting enough consideration on how we will feel afterward!
Regrets are heavy emotions to carry around, just like extra weight! Help yourself feel good by doing things that are good for you mentally, physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually!

Remember, what ever decision you are facing, ask yourself, "how will I feel afterward?"

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