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Monday, October 31, 2011

I Found A Plan That Works!

Not too long ago the things around us were a lot more simple. People did the best they could to plan and prepare for the future. Yet, they could only plan so far ahead due to the lack of technology and accessibility to information. Today we know plenty. Technology is brilliant, people are brilliant put the two together and you have a combination that people like my grandparents would not be able to imagine could exist! However, with all this amazing information and accessibility comes a very sharp price to pay. We don't spend our time like our grandfathers' did. Yes, times were tough back then but they were never as busy as we are today, and the world was not as noisy or stressful as it is today. They didn't have much choice. If they had to wait for the postman to deliver a letter, they waited. Today we can reach anybody across the globe instantly!
The downfall to all of this: we are over informed, over exposed, and overly stressed. We are busy! Everyday our to do lists are overflowing. We must make our way through traffic, schedules, deadlines and keeping up with society. It takes dedication to remain focus, centered and balanced. My grandparents didn't own a car, let alone a phone and as my parents tell me, walking great distances was a daily task. No car, no phone, just quietly walking through nature. Today we have to make time to do this.
Today we must find ways to survive emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I have found that mini steps work very well when dealing with our busy lives. Exercise needs to be squeezed into our schedule, so why not dedicate a minimum amount? If all you can do is 5 push up, 10 sit ups and 20 minute cardio later in the day, so be it! It's better than not doing anything at all right? If you can not find quiet time then shut the radio off in your car and take that time to reflect. We can not deprive ourselves because we have no time, we must find ways to squeeze the necessaries into our lives!
I used to worry and fret in what I like to call fast forward mode. I wouldn't focus on the moment or on the day, no I was 1000 steps ahead- big no no! Here is what I suggest: wake up and mentally say thank you for some of the things you're grateful for then move on to asking, visualizing, or simply stating what you would like in the next 30 minutes. An outfit, a safe traffic free drive to work, a perfect parking spot. As these things show up say thank you. Then move on to the next things you desire. So now you're driving in your car, the outfit has been figured out, there is no traffic, you've given thanks for these mini but vital requests and you are headed toward your perfect parking spot so you start to list the next things you want. Your boss and co-workers to be in an extra happy mood, extra time for your lunch break, work to pass rather quickly. As your day flows and you see all these things show up and you've said your thank yous move on to the next things you want. This is how a person living in 2011 who doesn't have the opportunity right now to live their days as they really wish they could, can begin to help manifest what they want. Once you become accustomed to this process it will become automatic. As you continue this you will find yourself having more and more things working in your favor! It will keep you from thinking too many thoughts at once or thinking 1000 steps ahead allowing you to focus on each moment which makes your days more pleasant to live and leaves more room for your future goals and desires to come into your reality.
We must adjust to life as it moves forward. If we remain doing things as we once did, we will create a resistance which we will undoubtedly feel, see and experience in our lives.
This works very well for me. Yes it takes some focus and intention but without it you leave yourself open to finding and experiencing things you don't particularly enjoy or want. At least when something doesn't work out you won't feel like nothing works out in your life!

Give it a try. You deserve to have the big dreams and the tiny detail will get you there!

Luv and Light,


*Photo provided by Tracie Pippenger