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Thursday, October 13, 2011

I Too Am Free Like A Bird!

I am grateful for my freedom! The endless freedom of choices that lay within me! The gorgeous liberty to choose my own thoughts!
My mind is my own. No one else can enter this special personal space and I understand how precious this is. Each of us blessed with our own minds, our own thoughts, our own freedom of choice!
I used to choose painful, hurtful thoughts for myself. I used those thoughts to view myself and the world around me. I used to see great anger and pain in the world because that is what I saw and repeated within myself. But it is what we choose to see that changes the way we look at life, and the way life responds to us! It is in our choosing to change that we awaken in a peaceful, loving world! I made this choice years ago and it has helped me to see all the great beauty and abundance that surrounds me each day! Today I can see how blessed I am! Life is ever giving and abundant, it is up to us to see the endless precious gifts it provides.

I used to sit in traffic stressed out staring at the cars in front of me, now, on the odd occasion that I do find myself in traffic, I am able to see the pretty flowers popping up from the highway medians- a very difficult place for a flower to grow, yet it is there, pretty and dancing around- I understand this is the universe reminding me that even if it seems impossible, it can be done!
As I look up, I see the pretty birds dancing up in the sky reminding me of my freedom and my unlimited possibilities! The universe continues to support us, encourage us and supply for us, it is up to us to calm ourselves down enough to be able to see it's gorgeous, subtle messages!

Every step I have taken on my self healing journey has been well worth it! To hold happiness and peace within me and to be able to see and experience what life lays around me is the ultimate definition of freedom! Today, I can honestly say, I too am free like a bird!

Luv and Light,