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Thursday, October 27, 2011

It All Comes Pouring In...

We accumulate thoughts. Day after day, year after year-with each moment that passes we absorb and keep thoughts and feelings. Eventually the accumulation creates a waterfall of reality that comes pouring into your life. If your thoughts are creative, happy, positive thoughts then that waterfall is a joy to have come pouring in. But what if you have accumulated negative, painful, fearful thoughts? That rush will still come pouring in and I don't know about you but I wouldn't want to be under that waterfall! It will feel like a tide wave coming in and ripping your world apart! I know, I have been there. Everything just crashes to the worst of possibilities and creates disaster! Oh I remember those days!
Many of us don't even consider rearranging our thinking. For some the belief is that it really wont make a difference, for others the belief is that there is too much work involved, or like me back then, unaware that it could make so much of a difference! You have thoughts all the time so why not deliberately choose happier thoughts? You are going to think a thought anyway right? I really applied myself to think happier, more positive thoughts and believe me the change was massive! I no longer had tide waves of chaos destroying me and my world. Instead I had things like peace, laughter, and harmonious experiences pouring in! With such obvious change I kept on until it became who I am: a positive, happy being! And my world undoubtedly reflects this! Yes, life brings forth its challenges and tougher experiences but they do not break me anymore! Now these experiences help build me up and teach me valuable lessons!
There is so much power in thinking positively! There is so much good waiting to pour into your life and it is with such simple steps that you can create immense change! The waterfall will keep pouring in, the question is what kind of a waterfall do you want to be standing under?
Luv and Light,
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