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Friday, October 7, 2011

It Is My Divine Right To Feel Happy And Deserving!

When I first learned that hard part -as it was told to me at the time- was not getting what you believe will make you happy, but remaining happy as these gifts come along. I remember my first reaction was "huh?!" I couldn't at the time, understand why I wouldnt be happy finally receiving what I had been asking for and desiring for so long?! Then as I worked on myself and slowly began to create the world I wanted, I understood! Getting what you want isn't all that difficult, once you make the proper changes in your thinking and beliefs, remove your limitations and finally, open yourself up to the universe. Yes, this took work, but it really isn't as difficult as many think it is and once you do it, you wonder why it took you so long! And once you begin to get all the things you have desired(our desires never end, it is part of our experience on earth, we always desire and we keep creating and as we move forward, our desires and wants change) the challenge is allowing yourself to be happy! This may sound crazy, as it did for me because we believe allowing ourselves to be happy once our desires are fulfilled is the easiest part of all, but it isn't! Each of us is unique, and each of us has our own desires, so not everyone will understand or agree with what you have chosen to create for yourself! We can start feeling guilty or unworthy and then there are other people's opinions that can keep you from allowing yourself to enjoy the things you've desired for so long! "you should do what's right" says the voice inside your head! Well, perhaps you mind and your gut are saying two different things! Maybe what is the right thing to do doesn't make you happy! Then is it really the right thing to do?! I say this: this life is yours so do what fulfills you! You are not those people and you do not have the same wants, desires, thoughts and emotions! And you do deserve all the happiness in the world! The universe is immense and ever giving and it loves and supports each and everyone of us!
The line I like to keep present in my mind is, "what you think of me is none of my business!"

You are here for your own personal experience! The things you enjoy you help create, they are your own requests that you enjoy! Forget everyone else! Let them create what they enjoy for themselves! Quit focusing your attention on other people's opinions and judgements! Why waste your time?! Let people say what they want! What is important is your happiness, your enjoyment, your well being and that's it! If each one of us would focus on ourselves, tweaking and adjusting our own lives then our world would be without stupid pressures of trying to keep up or doing what doesn't really make us happy inside but is the right thing to do! Only you know what makes you happy! Only you know what is the right thing to do for yourself!

I now allow myself to be happy! I know I am worthy and deserve only the best out of life!

Luv and Light,