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Friday, October 21, 2011

Life Is What You Make Of it!

Life, a simple four letter world that has a zillion different meanings depending on who you speak to. For some life is a beautiful experience, for others it is a long, painful road filled with struggles. 
Growing up surrounded by elders who had survived very tough times, I quickly learned to be grateful for every single thing in my life. At the same time I got to witness first hand the difference between those who remained stuck with the memory of war, famine and poverty always fearful and prepared "just in case", and those who embraced their new abundant life never afraid it might go away one day. 
The fearful ones are very frugal with their money, they hoard too many things, and they don't waste their money on "foolish" things like vacations and entertainment. They hang on to every penny and each time they have to spend some they go on and on complaining about it. How exhausting! My parents were part of that poverty, war and famine. It was the reason they left their family and lives back in Italy. But they worked very hard because they knew as they put it, "what it means to be hungry" and they knew they never wanted to experience that again. Growing up in my household meant working and earning what you wanted. Today I am very grateful for this!
I understand how difficult life can be for some, but it is so important to understand that each one of us has the choice to change our reality. It does not have to mean changing the country you live in, but it definitely does mean changing the way you view life!Keeping focused on the fear of not having enough, is living in fear. Keeping the memory with stories you share of what was once true and embracing and being grateful for what you have today is living in freedom. 
My experience does not consist of war, famine and poverty and I do not know what these experiences bring forth in a person, but I do have my own tough experiences I have survived and with those experiences I learnt that there is always two ways to look at life. You can keep focused on the positive, keeping emotions of gratitude and optimism or you can relive the painful experiences over and over again keeping your emotions of fear and pain alive in your world.
We always have a choice! I know for me, keeping the painful experiences alive was once my reality beacue I believed I didn't deserve to be happy. Besides, how else was I going to keep feeling sorry for myself? 
The point is, the more you focus on something the more true it becomes. Keep a check on what you are focused on, make sure your focus is on what you do want! Do not remain focused on something that brings you pain, hurt, stress, anxiety or fear! You deserve better! You deserve to be happy! 
You don't have to earn happiness! It is your birthright to be happy! 
Luv and Light,