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Friday, October 21, 2011

Look At Something Beautiful Today!

If you are like me you vividly remember the days of rotary phones and handwritten letters- alright yes, typewriters too. A time when a friend would actually come by and ring the door bell if they weren't able to reach you by phone. Well those days are well put behind us and today we have endless ways of reaching people without ever having to leave the house! As long as you've got Internet the world is yours! Wow! Talk about a different reality!
My first experience with a computer was back in the 10th grade and I hated it! I did so poorly in that class! I just didn't like learning about computers let alone computer programming! Yuck! Back then, the computer mouse didn't even exist! Can you imagine navigating your way with specific codes that had to be entered each time! It was very complicated and very frustrating for me, needless to say, I flunked that class! 
There was a friend of mine who tried his best to help me out, he was amazing at it! This class was a breeze for him! As destiny would have it, this friend is now my husband! Who would have thought?! 
Lucky for me he is still captivated by technology and thanks to him I have found the wonderful world of the Internet, where possibilities are endless and discoveries are abundant! I learn something new everyday! 
I used to hate technology because I didn't understand it! Don't get me wrong, I'm still learning but now I truly enjoy it! So why am I babbling on about all of this. Well thanks to the cyberspace world I have made plenty of friends from many different places around the globe! I have connected with some pretty amazing people! Some with amazing talent! One of those amazing people with whom I have a great connection is Tracie. Tracie is such a beautiful soul with a great love for humanity, the planet, and all the beauty it contains! Tracie captures her love for life through photographs! Her photos are captivating and inspiring! 
As many of you know, I love to include photos to my blog posts and believe me I do plenty of research to find images that are not only appropriate but that speak to me. Finding Tracie and her beautiful photos is a true blessing! I would recommend her to anyone looking for photographs for personal, professional and commercial use. Believe me, she is amazing!

I wanted Tracie's photos to be part of my world of Luv and Light and today I can happily say that they are and will be! How wonderful! Thank you Tracie! Thank you for reminding us to look at life through beautiful eyes! 

Look at something beautiful today:

Luv and Light,