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Sunday, October 9, 2011

May I Lay Here And Tell You My Problems?!

I walked into a therapist office once, I lasted about 30 minutes- although it felt more like 3 torturous hours- I told him I had to leave, I was honest, I told him I wasn't ready for this, paid him and literally ran out of his office feeling more messed up than when I walked in!

Therapy is a good thing, finding the right kind of therapy and the right therapist is very important and this one was very wrong for me!
So I turned to books, CDs, affirmations, and started doing plenty of self help on myself and yes I started to feel better and better and better! When you apply yourself there is no way you won't get results! Just like someone who wants to get fit, if they start to exercise and eat right they will undoubtably get results. But if you only think about it and do not apply yourself, like saying, "oh I have to exercise, I have to start eating better" but until you actually do it, then how can you begin to see and feel results?

Soon after all my self help work, I would meet an amazing man, Dr. Stephen Hlophe, who is the founder of the Right Brain Research Institute in Montreal, I had no idea at the time just how much he would change my reality, my way of looking at life, he literally changed my world, thank goodness!

The right side of the brain is the side that links and connects to music, emotions, art, feelings, beauty and playfulness. The left side is the more logical side, it is linked and connects with numbers, facts, rules, and well pretty much all logical things and less artistic things. I had no idea I was using mostly my left brain! No wonder I was so run down! I was obviously out of balance! One sided, if you will.

The right side is what we use as children. As we grow in society and start being transformed into more logical beings, we begin to use less and less of our right brain. As I would learn, using the right side of the brain makes for a more playful life!

When I first met Dr.Stephen, I was stubborn, stuck in my ways, thought I knew it all and I would become very frustrated each time he would explain to me that I was choosing to live my complicated, stressed out life. What?! Why would I choose that for myself?! Yet that was preciously what I was doing! Obviously, I was not aware that was what I was doing!
My thoughts were very limited and negative! Self punishment and low self esteem were at an all time high for me back then!
We still laugh about it today! My transformation was truly remarkable! And I was one tough shell to crack! It was not an easy road, but boye am I glad I chose to head up the right side of the road!

I received my Right Brain Research Institute Training Certificate and went on to receive my Right Brain Research Institude Advanced Diploma! Which means I "duly completed the Advanced Course on Creative Intuitive Arts and Mastery of the Higher Self"...Me? The same stubborn lost soul who thought life sucked?! Yes! All that Dr.Stephen taught me was put into good practice and today I am a happy soul that loves life and is no longer stubborn, rather open to all that is new and I now love to share in other people's opinions and I no longer shut anything out! Life is about leaving ourselves open and learning new things all the time! I know this now!

So what exactly did this amazing man teach me? Well, everything I have written in my blogs since 2009! There are all here for you to read!

You may never meet Dr.Stephen but you have some of his teachings right here always ready for you to read!

The most important thing I want you to take with you today is this; know that no one, and I mean no one can fix you. There is always plenty of help around you but only you can fix you!
First step is wanting to change. Second step is your willingness to change and third step is actually doing the work involved to change!

Believe in yourself! You can do it! I did:)!

Luv and Light,