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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

More Of This Please!

Energy. You are never separate from it. It is always present, vibrating whatever you are feeling! You are angry, you vibrate angry energy. You are happy you vibrate happy energy. Simple as that! Your energy/vibration is carried with you where ever you go, whatever you do, 24 on 24. Yes, even as you sleep you are still vibrating energy. You are never seperate from it, it is very much a part of you. Although some people can actually see energy, everyone can feel it. Every single thing that is living exchanges and feels energy! Your friends feel it, your kids feel it, your pets feel it, even your plants feel it! Why do you think it said that talking to your plants helps them to grow? Why is it that usually when you are stressed, your kids give you more reason to stress? Or when you are running around feeling overwhelmed, your day tends to get more and more hectic?
Energy is felt, exchanged and comes right back to us. What ever we are feeling, thinking and vibrating gets thrown into the universe and like a boomerang, comes racing back at us. This is why it is so important to try your hardest to say, do, feel, and think happy thoughts! I know I don't want anger, stress, anxiety, nervousness and fear rushing back toward me so I do my best at being aware of what it is I am sending out there!
There are people I love spending my time with! When I am with them I feel good! Then there are those who I don't feel as good being around. I'm sure you too have felt this way, you're not really sure why, but you just know you don't feel good being around them. Understand that it is their energy you are feeling! Their thoughts and emotions! Maybe they are vibrating at a low energy-meaning they are people who choose to have small, limited reality where everything is very serious and logical and laughter, dreaming and enjoying life are far from their reality! Maybe they are filled with regrets, anger and other toxic emotions. I'm not sure about you, but I much rather be around happy energy! 
The universe sees us as energy. A vibration. It gives to us what our energy and vibration are telling it to give to us! So if my energy is stress I am saying, "more of this please" if my energy is fear I am saying, "more of this please"! The universe does not see good or bad, it sees vibration! The stronger the vibration the quicker your request of "more of this please" comes into your reality! So fearful people quickly attract fearful situations. Angry people quickly attract more situations to keep them angry! Happy people quickly attract more situations to be happy about!
Know that whatever you carry inside of you, you share with everyone and everything that comes in your path! Keep your thoughts and emotions in check! Make sure what you are feeling and thinking is what you would like to have come back to you. Keep the request of, "more of this please" vibrating towards the things you want to see and experience in your life!
Luv and Light,