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Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Raging River

Life can feel overwhelming at times and we  find ourselves swept in a raging river of thought searching for a rock to hang on to. This is part of life, part of the growing process. We need challenging situations in order to grow. I understand how difficult it is to get to a better feeling place once you have already hit the raging river. At that point you are desperately searching in complete panic. Not everyone has the capability in that very moment to take a deep breath and begin to shift and get themselves out. This is why it is important to do your inner work before hand. When life is good and you are happily flowing with it. It is then that you need to do your self work. Clean up those buried thoughts that lead into that river. You know the thoughts that come up automatically when you feel overwhelmed or frightened. Yes, you need to get rid of those otherwise they remain dormant and come alive the second that river comes into view. They then become powerful and move full force pulling you in and whipping you around.

Think of it like this: say you want to get into shape before you have to put a bikini on, or you have a major presentation to present to some rather important clients, in both cases you do not wait until the last second to prep right? You will begin months before making sure you will be ready when that times comes. Same thing with our raging river. We each have one. We have all fallen in time and time again. We know it exists so why are we not bothering to prepare ourselves? Why not work on ourselves, ridding ourselves of punishing, hurtful, "poor me" thinking and replace those unneeded thoughts with loving more positive thoughts? By doing so the road that leads to that raging river moves further and further away from us. Until eventually the road becomes too distant for us to reach so we create a new river. A calmer, more pleasant one where there are plenty of huge rocks to sit on. No longer in the grasp of the river, but an admirer looking into the river. 

Luv and Light,

*Photo provided by Tracie Pippenger