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Saturday, October 29, 2011

I've Got The Star Role

If I could sit and watch myself like I watch actors in a movie, what would I see? Would I like myself? Would I like the way I behave? The way I treat others? What would I think about the way I speak? What about watching myself when I'm alone, hearing my own thoughts? How would I critic myself? What would my comments, likes and dislikes be?
This is how I helped heal myself. I started to watch myself-stepped outside of my emotions and took a look from the outside in. It is there that I picked up on all the things I needed to change and adjust. If we want to change something, fix something that we don't like in our lives, then we need to take a very good look at ourselves both inside and out! Everything we do and say carries a message. Your message can be, "I do not deserve good in my life, I am unworthy, life is a struggle, pain is real, this is it for me-there is nothing else for me to look forward to, I choose to see the negative in everything, I am scared, I am hurting, I believe in fear" or it can sound like, "I deserve only the best in my life, life is a joy to live, I no longer choose pain, there is so much more for me to do and accomplish, I choose to look at everything with loving eyes, I am always safe, I am completely healed, I know that I am always safe and protected. Two very different spectrum's right? Right now you are choosing one. Everyday you get to choose which side of the spectrum you're on. Now ask yourself, "which one am I choosing?"
Give it a try. Watch yourself from the outside, then look on the inside to see what role you are choosing to star in!
Luv and Light,

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